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Maria Ximena

Maria XimenaResearch Associate

Research Associate

Maria Ximena is a Journalist and Research specialist focusing on the effects of the Media and the Internet on issues of social change. Her capacity for analysis and synthesis of information – particularly in the area of social and political events – has earned her a reputation as an expert in ‘in-depth-back-grounding’ of contemporary social issues for both broadcast and publication.

As a writer for Bogota’s La República newspaper she researched and wrote complex reports concerning worldwide economic affairs – synthesizing complex material into easily understood articles – for readers of the general news publication. She has also worked as a freelance Journalist for such prestigious magazines as Fucsia Magazine, Aló Magazine, and Credencial Magazine, where she researched and wrote stories on modern women’s issues.

Maria has worked for CNN en Español as both a Writers Desk Assistant and “World Report” Assistant, writing news and radio clips based on the information sent by correspondents or other international news agencies – checking facts and editing complex information – for public consumption.

Her interest in media as a tool capable of changing the way people receive and engage human rights information, has led her to join the Mediagroup team as a Research Associate, and Associate Producer on their “Searching for Tanja” project – studying the history of the FARC in Colombia, SA.

Ms Ximena has a BS in Social Communication from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, CO, where she graduated with Honors – and a 5.0 GPA. She is also a candidate for her Masters Degree in International Affairs at The New School, in New York City.

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