Thin Ice

Thin Ice is a one hour, narrative documentary film, in which images of the Arctic… its unusual flora and fauna, its role as a unique habitat for wildlife, and its pristine landscape which helps to regulate the earth’s climate … are contrasted with examples of man’s use of the planet’s natural resources… its oil reserves, its mineral deposits, and its forest and agricultural products … as a way to show both the impact, and the importance, that each has upon the other.

Not only is there a need for us to understand how these phenomena are connected, but also to examine and understand the unintended consequences that man’s development of these resources has had on weather patterns, global warming, and climate change across the world.

Thin Ice shows us the impact of these actions clearly…

Told in a narrative style (not unlike the classic 1937 Pare Lorentz documentary, “The River”), we will explore the downward spiral of commercial fisheries, the status of decreasing Polar Bear populations, changing weather patterns and rainfall across the globe, and the increasing levels of CO2 and Methane gas being released into the air by everything form automobiles to grain fed animals, as we bring to light the importance of the problem.

More than a simple re-statement of frightening facts and figures however, we want the viewer to understand not only the part we play in the problem… but the part we can play in the solution.

Thin Ice therefore hopes to motivate the audience to what we call “accessible action” by showing what is now being done by responsible countries, corporations, individuals and organizations… and what still remains to be done, and can be done, by all of us… to help mitigate the consequences of our ever rapidly changing climate here on earth.

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